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Hi Everyone.  My name is Dawn and I have suffered from depression and anxiety for most of my adult life.  But THAT is not my story.  My story is how my life, to me, fell apart 2 years ago, yet I rose from it and built myself up to the point where I am today.  I know I’ll inevitably have bad days and insecurities, but I also know I’ll never ever be in the dark place I was then.  In fact life is bloody brilliant right now!  And my only aim was to ‘fix’ myself, but I’ve found so much more joy than I ever imagined life could hold and I just have to share everything I’ve learnt.


Prior to this breakdown of sorts I had received counselling and been on life coaching courses.  And I am very blessed to have been offered these things through my employer and my local Children’s Sure Start Centre.  And whilst those facilities were not still available to me 2 years ago, I knew from past experience that I could work on myself and get myself better with the right tools and resources.  But what I found when I came to research it myself, was every time I looked for advice on how to deal with depression I was presented with ideas such as exercise, not cutting myself off from people, and eating good food.  Now whilst there’s no denying these things are important, I was looking for something more.  My reasons for sinking so low were an unbelievable anxiety of bumping into a group of friends that had really hurt me.  So that was exercising outside of my house and socialising with people ruled out immediately!  But I luckily knew there was more I’d been taught on my life coaching courses and I wasn’t going to give up on finding similar ideas as to what had lifted me out of depression previously.


So that’s what I want to share in my blog mainly; the ideas that I found through deeper research and working on myself that helped me not only to recover from depression, but that lead to a much more fulfilling and happy life than I ever imagined.  Not every idea will be for everybody, some ideas will be hip and trendy, some will be a bit spiritual.  But it’s my journey.  Things that make me feel happy will not work for everybody, and vice versa.  But I was in a place where I would give most things a try to feel any sort of happiness or even ‘normalness’, and if it wasn’t for me I usually found it led me on a path to something else.


So stick with me.  I’ll try and keep blogs short and sweet where I can to just guide you and inspire you, whilst sharing bits of my story where appropriate.  It will be a big part of my therapy too to be able to be vulnerable again, because during the last 2 years I’ve really had no support network, fearing that if I shared how low I was I would be ridiculed or it would be used against me.  That’s a feeling I’ve never shared until I heard someone on a podcast discuss that exact same fear the other day and I almost cried knowing it wasn’t just me that felt like that.  So I am determined to open up and be vulnerable in an attempt to help someone out there feel a little less alone and hopefully inspired to try some of the things I have.


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